Services Provided

The core services provided by Mission of Hope Alliance for the Disabled and the Disadvantaged are:

Basic Assistance Program
Our Basic Assistance program is our “bread and butter.” This popular program is used to fill the immediate needs of our clients. We start a “needs assessment” here and offer other services once the client is comfortable and wants to move further toward improving their lives.
1. Food, clothing, and education referrals
2. Transportation, and advocacy for specific problems
3. Referrals to appropriate agencies for additional help

Job Referral Program
This program is where inspiration and hope for the future begins. On the most basic level we offer our clients first hand interviewing and resume preparation skills. At the “Mission”, we encourage our clients to explore all possibilities for success. One major way we encourage are the testimonials and living examples we bring to the workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions.
1. Business start-ups
2. Entrepreneurial empowerment
3. Home-based business alternatives
4. Web-based job links

Computer Literacy Program
This program actually takes our clients into the unlimited possibilities of using technology to develop marketable skills and career advancement.
1. Access to internet platform
2. Basic to intermediate skill level training
3. New technologies applications workshop
4. Web-based individual training
5. Referrals to local educational institutions for additional training

Community Economic Program
The seeds for this program are being cultivated as we speak. The “Mission” seeks to build upon that which has already started to produce fruit.
Mission of Hope seeks to create partnerships with community agencies to build, or help to maintain, neighborhoods through advocacy, communications, and building/maintenance improvement activities. With our “Comprehensive Human Service Project” coupled with our “Human Development Initiative” proposal, we feel confident that we can have an effect in our community!