Mission of Hope Alliance for the Disabled and the Disadvantaged is a 501 ( c ) 3 Tax-exempt non-profit organization with the mission of providing hope in the forms of educational resources, job referrals, economic empowerment and emergency provisions to people that are disabled or at an economic disadvantaged.
Our programs include but are not limited to the following:
1. Basic Assistance Project.
2. Job Referral Project
3. Community Economic Project
4. Computer Literacy Project
Proven track record of community involvement

An on going client follow up plan to encourage growth in our programs

Basic Assistance Project
The basic support project has been proven to be of greatest need for our clients. We provide prompt emergency assistance to families and disabled people needing assistance through our assistance or by referral in the following area(s):
1. Food, clothing, hygiene packages and furniture.
2. Transportation and childcare
3. Utilities
4. Referrals to Government agencies for additional help

Job Referral Project
This project provides guidance, career counseling and referrals for employment. Job interviewing skills and resume preparation are sharpened before a client is referred. Our activities include but not limited to the following:
• Business start up workshops
• Entrepreneurial empowerment
• Home based business alternatives

Computer Literacy Project

Intermediate computer skills are needed to access today’s technology. MHADD provides training and referrals for the following activities:
• Access to internet platform and social media
• Basic to intermediate skill level training
• New technological applications workshop
• Web-based individual training
• Referrals to local educational institutions for additional training

Community Economic Project
Mission of Hope seeks to create an informational portal with agencies to build poverty stricken neighborhoods through advocacy, information sharing, training, capacity building, research and communications.

How YOU can Help
Here are a few ways you can help:
Prayer & encouragement. – to be led by His Spirit
Volunteer your time & talent
Membership to be part of MHADD-for a limited time we are offering FREE charter membership
Ways to Donate
• There are numerous ways you may donate:
• Through our website; or at our company address listed below
• In-Khttp://mhadd.info/?page_id=102ind donations: commercial equipment or property. Rental property is acceptable
• Unused appliances, computers, clothing & electronic equipment

Contact us: CONTACT PAGE