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No contest

by Yahyadatashemi  Yisrael

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary the definition for the word best is:

  • Better than all  others in quality or value
  • Excelling all others, most skillful, talented or successful
  • Most appropriate, useful or helpful

Perhaps these definitions have their place when we are involved in contest driven events such as sports, or the competitiveness of many businesses striving to be the best in the industry and or one of the more traditional use the word is “be the best you can be”.

So when it comes to helping the homeless where does best really fit? What are we comparing our best to? If an adult on a job states they’ve done their best yet they are still relieved of their duties. The question now lies with whose best and how many levels does it have and can it ever be satisfied? Coaches want their team to do better than their best; a parent wants their child to do their best.  So again when is our best good enough to others?

I guess from these traditions our best is never good enough or at least it appears we are always seeking better than best; however, on a moral ground according to (Isaiah 58:7, Proverbs 29:7) when we do something such as helping the homeless because it’s morally right and you’re not looking for a pat on the back or a reward, this could help bring humanity back into perspective. That in itself is the best for you and on lookers; to the receiver it could be viewed as “the best” because compassion rarely takes place in their world and let’s face it, our best seems to lose its steam when it comes to helping the homeless.

So look at it this way your compassion to extend a hand could revitalize the moral values in others that may have been suppressed, abandoned or lost. That in itself brings out “the best” where there is no contest and no one loses and morals are restored.

Embrace the day and help where needed!

Yahyadatashemi  Yisrael

Yahyadat has been working extensively with the indigent population of Atlanta.  He is on current assignment with the “Under the Bridge Project.”  We, at Mission of Hope Alliance welcome all comments and discussions from our readers.

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